Cupcake Maker Salon App Reviews

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This is the best game ever

This game is the best. Both my sister and me like it especially since I like to bake its the best game I ever had


I am so disappointed because there are to many ads


I like making the cupcakes... But why would u time us while were eating it. Its only my 2nd day having it and its not even fun. I was just playing on it bc I was bored in then I was even more bored. My grandma has some type of restrictions on it so I cant delete games. But I really want to.

Bad 2 good 1

Liked at first then second time playing it I hated it. I dont like how it gives you 3 or 4 favors and a few frostings. You dont get much and if you want more you have to pay, I mean who wants to pay for a game. I dont like the app at all.

Kind of boring...

The batter takes forever to pour! Me and my little got bored because it took such a long time. My little brother kind of liked it but I thought it was boring and just annoying. It also has only a couple options.

Libbi game

I love libbi games so much and u get to decorate there hair makeup and dress and shoes it is so beatiful if u download libbi games to your tablet or phone hi and my name is hayley and Im 9 years old I lov e libbi games I download it on my tablet alomost every single day I hope that u can respond to my text bye

Love it

I love this game it is really good!

So Cute!

Yummy and cute. I love to bake and this is realistic and fun. Semi addictive! I love the unusual flavors! I love creating the look of the cupcake! I love Libii games in general. LOVE LIBII! Awesome game! You should get it! HEY LIBII!!!!!! Introduce new flavors!


I think they should just focus on the high rating makeup games. My daughter is so exited when theres a new one.

Fun Game!!!!!

I like this game a lot. It sometimes freezes but I dont mind:-) :-) :-)


Its ok I wish you didnt have to only tap on it. Other wise really good

Its complicated

It is pretty fun, and satisfying, but there should be more to it. Its not the best game. Another thing they should work on is challenge. You want kids to be obsessed with this game!


So yummy and to cute I LOVE cupcakes so much YUM!

Kitty cupcake

I made a cupcake them put it in front of a pic if a hello kitty in a cupcake sooooooooooo cute

I love this game


The game is pointless. All you do is drag ingredients in a dish add into a cake pan cook and decorate. I was done in a minute so boring. I am very disappointed

Hate it

What I hate about it is that when we slid it out of your history and you got free stuff you dont have is anymore


I have not tried it but ALL the reviews are GREAT


Really enjoy this!

I dont like libbie

I dont like this game because sometimes one day it was free then after that is was locked Ya but I dont want to pay just to get the full version thats why I dont like libbi games!

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